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YourEngineer is conducting technoX 2022 as its flagship annual technological event. The main agenda is to provide a platform to showcase the talents, increase technology awareness, learn special skills and build the approach for placement.

The four pillars of this event are: Competitions, Workshops, Expert Talks and Placement Hub.

We are holding competitions like Skill Olympiad, Codewar, Aeromodelling, Robotics, Design thinking, NFT Exhibition and Blockchain challenge. We are also hosting workshops based on popular skills and student excellence. We have invited various top notch industry experts for lectures on recent engineering trends and career roadmaps.

Workflow Distribution

Promote technoX'22 &YourEngineer into your college and encourage people to join the event and workshops

Conduct various activities and announcements in Colleges and Hostels to increase participation and registration

Take Advantages of all the Social Media and WhatsApp & Telegram Groups to start Word of Mouth Publicity.

Incentives you will get

Exclusive Access to Workshops

Internship Opportunities

Exclusive Access to YE Resources

One-on-One Mentoring

Exclusive YE Goodies

Employment Support

Work References for Employment

Global Community Outreach

You can become Campus Coordinator if....

You have good communication skills

You love to connect and hang out with people

Social Media is your favorite place to spend your leisure

campus ambassador

You love to attend and conduct competitions

You are open to learn about various sectors of Engineering

You are in 2nd - 3rd Year of Engineering worldwide

Recruitment Procedure

Step 1: Fill the Form given below with accurate details as asked.

Step 2: The candidates will get a call based on their profile and shortlisted as per requirement

Step 3: The candidates will be finalized and informed via mail

Step 4: Onboarding and Orientation Session

Are you ready to become Campus Coordinator ?

campus cover

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