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MERN Full Stack Development

Start Learning MERN Full Stack Development, a highly in-demand skill in IT Sector. Get Certified with YourEngineer and Earn a Badge by passing Skill Quiz.

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MERN Full Stack Web Development

Why should you undertake this Course?

Our Curriculum


Start building your first website with the concepts of HTML like Tables, Media, Forms and Semantic HTML.


Learn to apply the concepts of CSS like Positioning, Box, flexbox, grid and Advance CSS like Transformation and Transition.


Understand the concepts of JavaScript like statements, Functions, Objects, and classes. Improve yourself in advanced JavaScript like Async Await, Callback etc.


Data is a core segment of any application. Learn the concept of MongoDB, starting from insertion, updation, deletion as well as Aggregation of Data in the Database

API with Express JS

Backend is an essential part of any website development. Learn about working with Restful APIs, Database connection, and user Authentication with Express JS

UI with React JS

Learn everything about Basics concepts of React JS. It includes Component, React Hooks, Context API, and everything that will make you React Expert.

Advanced React

Now you are an Expert in React, so we can enter in Advanced React world to understand Routing, Material UI, HTTP calls to the backend and much more.

Version Control

You have now ability to create a Full Stack application, and now it’s time to deploy it. In this section, learn about Git and GitHub. How to do push/pull operations in Github.

One step ahead in Dev

Companies are looking for someone who thinks out of the box (one step ahead). In this section, you will learn Typescript, Introduction to Angular and other webdev tools.

Project You Will be Working on

Projects are an essential part of upskilling as it proves the expertise of a person in that skill. In this program we will help you create two projects in two different streams to provide you a wide scope for placements.

EShop: An Ecommerce Website

Eshop is a Full Stack website with functions related to E-Commerce

Cinephix : A Streaming Platform

Cinephix is a Full Stack Website for streaming movies and web series.

What our Learners Say

Frequently Asked Questions:

This whole course is specially designed for Students and professionals who want to switch their career in Development.

This program is designed and created by technology specialists, Front End Developer and Full Stack Developer from top companies like Infosys, Amazon, IBM etc.

We have designed the program in such a way that it will give you the knowledge from basics, and we have created the whole curriculum with Industry demand in mind.

The program will follow the structure of top tech companies training program and trainers will make sure that you will get all the time to practice.

This training is designed to learn the Full Stack at self-pace  and if you will give 14-15 hours per week ,  with 2 hours daily practice you will get proficient in this stack in 3 Months.

Definitely, you will get “Certificate of  Training” after successfully finishing the curriculum.

Full Stack Developer is a hot job in this era as every small scale to large scale companies are increasing their presence and services online. This skill will definitely land you your dream job if you work hard and showcase your portfolio with a lot of projects. 

We are making sure that money will not become a hindrance in your upskilling which is why we provide the split payment. The course price is INR 5000/-,  but you can start it in INR 599/- 

You can always write us to contact@yourengineer.in or you can Share your thoughts on WhatsApp :- +91 – 9350399053

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