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21 Day Career Building and Advancement BootCamp

You know the skills but can’t get a job?

You have everything like Skills, Experience, projects etc. but still can’t get a job

You have got a job but its not worth your effort and you can’t get a high paying job?

Join this 21 Day Career Building and Advancement Bootcamp and transform yourself into a person who can get jobs anywhere.

Sandeep Tripathi

Sandeep Tripathi

CEO, YourEngineer
6+ Years of Experience in Engineering Placements and Industrial Recruitment


1-21 Feb 2023

8:00 PM

21 Days


(Only 90 Seats) Hurry up. Filling Fast.


1-21 Feb 2023

10:00 PM

21 Days


(Only 90 Seats) Hurry up. Filling Fast.

Who should join?

How does the Program works?


It is a limited student program and not everyone will get access, you can apply for either English or Hindi Version of the program.

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Submit the Application and be redirected to the payment page for joining the program. Enroll there and you will receive a mail regarding Day to Day itinerary of the program.

Begin your Program

Start your program on 01st February based on your language and take full advantage. After program, you will be able to build your profile, network better and grab opportunities.

How your life will be transformed after Program?

Program Breakup

Day 1-5: Resume and Cover Letter Building

Techniques for crafting a professional and effective resume and cover letter, including tips on formatting, language, and showcasing relevant skills and experience.

Day 6-10: Networking and Interviewing

Strategies for building and maintaining a strong professional network, as well as tips for acing job interviews, including common questions and how to prepare for them.

Day 11-15: Job Search and Application

Techniques for identifying job opportunities and effectively applying for them, including tips on using job boards, company websites, and networking to find open positions. If your search is powerful, you will get the job.

Day 16-18: Career Advancement and Switching Jobs

Strategies for advancing your career and switching jobs for higher pay, including tips on negotiating salary, building relationships with managers, and identifying new opportunities.

Day 19-21: Industry and Market Analysis

Understanding the current state of the market and industry, including trends, opportunities, and challenges, and how to position yourself to take advantage of them.

Fee structure

Who doesn't want BONUSES? Grab these Extra BONUSES worth ₹20000

One-on-one career coaching sessions (worth ₹1000)

Lifetime access to all course materials and updates (worth ₹14000)

Library of online resources and training materials (worth ₹4000)

Resume review and feedback (worth ₹1000)

Access to an exclusive online community of like-minded professionals (NO PRICE TAG as it's PREMIUM)

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(Only 90 Seats) Hurry up. Filling Fast.

(Only 90 Seats) Hurry up. Filling Fast.

Meet the Instructor:

Sandeep Tripathi

Sandeep Tripathi

Hi, I am Sandeep Tripathi, an Aerospace Engineer turned Entrepreneur and currently Co-Founder and CEO of YourEngineer, a Global Engineering Network.

I am passionate about using my knowledge and experience in engineering to help the next generation of engineers and entrepreneurs succeed.

I am working in Engineering Education and Industrial Recruitment from last 6 years and has helped more than 1000 students getting placed in Startups and Corporates

Frequently Asked Questions

The program is tailored for engineering students and professionals who are looking to improve their career prospects and advance in their field.

The program will cover a wide range of topics related to career building and advancement, including resume writing, networking, interviewing, salary negotiation, and more.

It is a 21-day program, with each day dedicated to specific topics and activities.

The program will be a combination of live online sessions, pre-recorded video content, and interactive activities.

Yes, we have included several bonuses worth Rupees 20000/- such as access to a career mentor, a resume review service, and templates for job applications to provide additional value to the program.

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