What is Clipper, Definitions, Advantages & Disadvantages

Authored By: Ankita Prajapati

Clipper in electrical engineering is a type of circuit which is used to clip or limit the amplitude of a waveform. It is a nonlinear circuit which is used to shape or modify the amplitude of an input signal. It is used to reduce the higher amplitude of an input signal and to produce a constant output voltage that is limited to a certain predetermined level.

The basic function of a clipper is to limit the output voltage to a predetermined level. It does this by removing the parts of the input signal that exceed the predetermined level. This process is known as clipping.

A symmetric clipper removes the same amount of voltage from both the positive and negative peaks of an input signal. Asymmetric clippers remove more voltage from one peak than the other.

Clipper circuits are typically made up of two diodes connected in series and then in parallel with a resistor. When the input voltage exceeds the predetermined level, the diodes will become forwardbiased and clip the voltage. This causes the output voltage to be limited to the predetermined level.

The use of clippers in electrical engineering is wide and varied. They can be used to shape or modify the amplitude of a signal, reduce power in an AC circuit, or to restrict the range of an input signal.

Clipper circuits are also used in audio applications to produce a distorted sound or in the design of lowpass filters and other signal conditioning circuits.

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Clipping can be used to produce a desired output waveform shape or to reduce the total power in an AC circuit. Clipping can also be used to restrict the range of an input signal, such as in a voltage regulator.

Clipper circuits are often used in audio applications, such as in guitar amplifiers, to produce a distorted sound. Clipping can also be used in the design of lowpass filters and other signal conditioning circuits. Clipper circuits can be classified as either symmetric or asymmetric.

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