SCADA- Features, Application, Working and Career Scope

SCADA allows for real-time plant information to be accessed from anywhere around the world.  SCADA has important role on automation project. SCADA has huge scope in all types of industries. The entire automation field is heavily reliant on them in an industrial setup.


SCADA or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition is a system that aims to monitor and control field devices at remote sites. It uses a type of process control system architecture that uses computer and networked data communications. It can communicate with other devices to interact with industrial process plants and equipment. SCADA systems are crucial for industrial organizations because they help to maintain efficiency and process data for smarter decisions. This system is almost everywhere this including industrial plants, manufacturing, transportation, water control and power distribution. The basic SCADA architecture begins with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) or RTUs. The software processes distributes, and displays the data, helping operators and other employees analyze the data. SCADA systems are used by industrial organizations and companies in the public and private sectors.

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SCADA consists of 3 parts

  • Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) 
  • Communication System
  • Control Terminal System (Master Terminal Unit MTU)


  • Improve overall system efficiency
  • Reduce energy requirements
  • Increase penetration energy source

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  • Storage of performance data in order to correct quality problems
  • Making operatives’ jobs easier by having graphical statistics presented in real time
  • Automated Controls
  • A large amount of data can be stored by using SCADA systems
  • It improves energy savings due to the optimization of the plant
  • Quick Response to Issue
  • The data can be displayed in various formats as per user requirements.
  • Tracking past records
  • Many types of data can be gathered from RTUs (Remote Terminal Units) connected with the master unit.
  • The data can be displayed in various formats as per user requirements.
  • It is scalable and flexible in adding additional resources.

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  • Electric power system, operation and control.
  • Manufacturing industries or plants
  • Water and sewage treatment plants
  • Traffic control
  • Telecom and IT based systems
  • Mass transit and railway traction
  • Lift and elevator control

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The companies using SCADA software are –

  • Honeywell
  • Schneider
  • ABB
  • Siemens Energy
  • GE Grid Solutions

Salary of an employee who knows SCADA is ₹18.7 lakh/year.

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Current day SCADA systems have adapted to the changing technologies and have a great advantage over the old SCADA systems.


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