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1. How much you got in your High School Examination?

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2. How much you got in your 12th Board Examination?

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3. Have you done Diploma in Engineering? How much is your aggregate in Diploma Studies?

Diploma in Engineering adds a bit of practical edge and gains you an extra point.

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4. How much is your aggregate percentage in Bachelors of Engineering (BE) or Bachelors of Technology (B. Tech.) yet?

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5. How many internships or trainings have you done in your whole career till now?

(Internships are very necessary as they provide you a future vision of your employment)

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6. How many skills do you have in real life? (Please count skills related to engineering only)

Programming, DevOps, Data Science, AI & ML, Design, Simulation and Manufacturing (Out of these how many do you know?)

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7. What are the level of skillset you have?

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8. How much proficient you are in English Language in terms of Professionally Speaking and Error Free Writing ?

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9. Do you have any recognizable Score such as GATE Score, CAT Score, Competitive Programming Rank or any other?

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10. How much real valued certifications you have which can be included and justified in an interview?

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11. Do you know your real UEF (Unique Employability Factor) which will impress your interviewer right away?

UEF (Unique Employability Factor) is a term coined by YourEngineer which means a single phrase or sentence that summarizes everything about  you. For example, Domino's Pizza says, "You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less or it’s free.”

Any candidate's UEF can be, "I am well skilled Data Analyst and capable of solving business questions efficiently"

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12. If you are an employer and have to pay Rs 25000 per month to a candidate like you having credentials as you described, will you hire yourself?

Because no employer want to pay a candidate a single penny if he or his credentials or his experience is not useful to the company. So give a thought and answer carefully.

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