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CATIA - Features, Application, Working and Career Scope

CATIA is a Design software commonly used in manufacturing industries and original equipment manufacturers to increase designing, analyzing and managing new products.


It is the acronym of Computer Aided Three Dimensional Interactive Application and a multi- platform solution for computer aided design. It is the world’s leading solution for product design and experience. It is a three dimensional modelling tool combines 3D parametric features with 2D tools which can present model dimensions and construct reference dimensions. It provides a full range of engineering resources in a single workspace. It is developed by Dassault Systems, a French company and serves best for Industrial and creative designer, system architects and mechanical engineer.


The current versions of CATIA are – 

  •  V4 
  •  V5 
  •  V6


  • The innovative designers can access the tools that help them to achieve and explore fundamental ideas. It supports unique 3D sketching technology. 
  • It ensures that the engineers will be adaptive to the marketing rules and fundamentals. 
  • CATIA accelerates the process of engineering by 30-50% and helps system engineers to provide an integrated systems. For smooth development of a system engineering product requirements engineering, systems architecture definition, detailed modelling and simulation of complex systems. 
  • CATIA plays a major role in the construction sector and provides digital continuity for buildings and infrastructure. 
  • It saves time and money and provides multidisciplinary approach for product design and creation.


CATIA has wide range of uses and applications – 

  • It converts 2D drawing into 3D 
  • It has different workbenches like it has wireframes and surface modelling workbench to create surfaces 
  • Orthographic views if 3D model can be obtained  
  • It has bidirectional associativity 
  • 3D model is used for analysis by using softwares like ANSYS, NASTRAN etc


CATIA is capable of creating parametric and non-parametric 3D models. The program can be used in WindowsSolaris, IRIX and HP-UX. It is available in different languages. The version is available in two types depending on the functionality required  V5-6R Experience and 3D Experience. It has wide array of tools. It provides the ability to visualize products with ease. It has parametric capabilities that are used to modify designs.



It has a lot of scope in numerous industries around the globe. It helps in the process of product development. This process includes concept making, designing, engineering and manufacturing. Many companies use CATIA degrees like –  

  • Porche  
  • BMW 
  • AUDI 
  • General Motors 
  • Fisker Inc. 
  • Boeing 

The average salary of a CATIA designer is ₹341,771 / year. 

Source: Glassdoor


It is a strong modelling tool and very well suited for freshers whereas its power is in dealing with large equipment and assemblies and its interface helps to create parametric 3D models. 

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