C vs Python: Differences you must know

C language is known as the mother language of all modern programming languages because most of the compilers are written in C language like JVMs, Kernels, etc. 

C is a structure-oriented programming language while Python is an object-oriented programming language. In general, C is used for developing hardware operable applications, and python is used as a general-purpose programming language.

Read the differences between C and python.

Who developed them?

 C language has been developed by Dennis M. Ritchie while Python has been created by Guido van Rossum.

Programming Model

As C connects the gaps between machine level and high- level language, it is an intermediate- level language. However, Python is a computer language that emphasizes objects.

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Type of language

The programming language C is compiled. C is a quicker language than Python because it is compiled faster. On the other hand, Python uses interpreters to convert Python code into machine language.

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Compilation and Interpretation  

In C language compilers check the C code line by line, and if any errors are discovered on any line, the program compilation stops immediately. When a variable is created in C, its type must be defined, and only values of that specific type are allowed to be given to it. 

Python is an Interpreted programming language. The entire Python code is checked by specialized programs called interpreters, and all problems are immediately notified. When a variable is created in Python, their is no need to define the variable type. 


Since Python programs are interpreted, they typically run more slowly than C applications.

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Variable Declaration 

Only values of certain specific types are allowed to be given to variables in the C programming language. The type of each variable must be defined when it is created.

Variables in Python are untyped, thus you don’t need to specify their data type when declaring them. In various areas of the Python code, a particular variable can hold values of many data kinds. 

Memory Management

In Python, memory management is automatically taken care of via the garbage collector it offers. 

C includes pointer support, although manual memory management is required.  


The language C supports pointers but Pointers are not supported in Python. 

Functional Units

As a procedural programming language, C primarily uses functions as its functional units and because Python is an object-oriented programming language, objects make up the majority of its functional units

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Python is a more stable programming language than C. Python offers more effective memory management strategies than C, making it a more reliable programming language. 

Built-in function

C has limited Built in functions while Python has a sizable number of built-in functions.

Type of file

A .c extension is used to hold C codes. 

The .py extension is used to hold Python code.

Usage of Data Structure 

In order to use different data structures in C, such as stacks, queues, etc., we must first implement them.

Python has built-in libraries for data structures, making it simpler to use them

In Line assignment

Inline assignment is supported by C. For instance, C works fine when int a = 5. 

Inline assignment is not supported by Python. For instance, in Python, a = 5; results in an error. 

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The creation of hardware applications mostly uses the C programming language while python is a general- purpose programming language.

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Both C and Python are the majorly used programming languages. It is various characteristics and features that makes them popular in programming world for application development.

we want to mention that both C language and Python are used extensively by large software companies, so learning either one can prove to be extremely beneficial. While we are not saying either one is the better language, Python is undoubtedly easier to learn.

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