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ABAQUS- Features, Application, Working and Career Scope

Abaqus is Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software package developed by Dassault systemsThe use of FEA tools has become widespread due to increased computation power. It is used in automotive, and aerospace industries and mainly in Civil and mechanical engineering. When it comes to product simulation, it’s difficult to compete with the  ABAQUS Unified FEA  product suite, which offers complete, powerful solutions for both routine and sophisticated engineering problems. 


Abaqus is a commercial software  suited for finite element analysis and computer-aided design. It offers powerful and complete solution for both routine and sophisticated engineering problems and also provides a good collection of Multiphysics capabilities and structural-pore capabilities capturing simulation software. It is ideal for static and low speed dynamic events where highly accurate stress solutions are important.  It covers a vast spectrum of Industrial applications.  As we already know that it is used in automotive, aerospace and industrial product industries. This software was initially designed to object non-linear physical behavior; as a result the package has an extensive range of material models.

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The Abaqus product suite consists of  5 core software products –  

  • Abaqus/CAE – provides an integrated modelling and visualization environment for the analysis products.  
  • Abaqus/Standard – a general purpose finite element analyzer that employs implicit integration scheme.  
  • Abaqus/Explicit – Uses an explicit integration scheme to solve highly non-linear transient dynamic analyses. 
  • Abaqus/CFD – software application which provides advanced computational fluid dynamics capabilities 
  • Abaqus/Electromagnetic – A software application which solves advanced computational electromagnetic problems. 

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  • High performance solver that minimize simulation turnaround time. 
  • Robust general contact capability for modelling complex interactions 
  • Advanced Material modelling capabilities  
  • Wide range of non-linear analysis procedures including structural stress, explicit dynamics, thermal stress, heat transfer. 
  • Modern linear dynamics framework 

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  • Increase engineering productivity through standardization for structural simulation. 
  • Accurate prediction of real world product behaviour enables companies to increase product reliability 
  • Significant reduction of costly physical testing 
  • Scripting and GUI customization features 
  • Access high performance computing (HPC) capabilities without the hardware investment 
  • No extensive set-up and installation time because 3D experience is already configured 
  • Easy to use and submit expense reporting 
  • It is free to all university educators, researchers and students. 

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  • This FEA software is used for numerical analysis of temperature field and phase transformations in analyzed process 
  • Capable of pre-processing, post-processing, and monitoring the processing stage of the solver 
  • Creates an input file which contains an engineer’s design for a finite-element analyzer 
  • It executes the detailed analysis of the correlation between structure and mechanical properties of the constituent materials in order to visualize the pre-determined set of properties.

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Since it is most popular FEA software package, the companies using this FEA are: 

  • General Motors  
  • Raytheon  
  • Honeywell 

Average salary of an employee who knows Abaqus is 16.8 lakh/year.

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There is a steep learning curve to any FEA software package. It is difficult to learn how to use the software from documentation. Best-in-class companies are using it to consolidate their processes and tools, reduce costs and inefficiencies, and gain a competitive advantage. Recently the 2021 version of Abaqus United FEA was announced. It contains a large number of new features as well as improvements to existing features .

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