Internships: 7 Reasons why it is necessary for your career

Internships are an essential occasion in the academic as well as the professional career of an engineering student. It is an opportunity that a student can use to explore various experiences which is about to come in his life after placement.

Internships are like a pre-placement opportunity to work in a corporate matrix. Let us discuss 7 reasons why it is necessary to do an internship as many times as possible in the course. 

1. You will get a Real-Time Experience of a Corporate World

Have you seen the movies or web series where any employee joins a company but knows nothing about how real-world works?

Do you want to be that employee? “No, right.”

Internships give you a real time experience of corporate culture and its insider rules and etiquettes. 

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2. You will be exposed to something out of your comfort zone.

Every corporate has some time management, work management ethics, which every employee has to follow to stay employed. But you are not employed, right?

“That’s why by doing internships, you have an opportunity to get the exposure of work culture of the corporate world.”

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3. You will get an opportunity to learn more about yourself.

You may have done various assignments and projects in your college, but corporates are very strict about their work and don’t do any compromise over the details. During the internship, you will get to know what you can or cannot do. You can work on that and improve before the real employment.

4. You will build a professional network.

Having good connections in your life same as good ingredients in a tasty dish. When you will have a good connections on LinkedIn, you will be recommended and your profile will get better than previous.

Internships gives you a good chance to socialize and develop a professional network for yourself. 

5. You will have a chance to improve your personality.

After all, you are going to enter an industry where etiquettes, good communication skills, dressing sense and many good personality traits will be expected from you. 

You should observe the employees regularly and even talk to them on this matter to get to know more about these soft skills and encore themselves in yourself to develop a good personality. 

A good personality is a key to attract the attention of the managers. It makes you look responsible and develops a sense of trust. 

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6. Don't let your CV be thrown into Trash

While shortlisting candidates for interview, mostly people with at least 1 internship experience are given preference. Because you know the style of work and capable of doing it, your chance of selection gets increased. Otherwise, the CVs are thrown into trash (either real or digital)

Internships gives you a chance to make a good impression for interview panelists to select you for job. 

7. Convert your Internship to a full time job

If in a short period of time, having a small stipend, you show your worth to the employer, then it is possible that he can provide you a full time position in that industry after your graduation.

A good personality and having a sense of responsibility can convert your internship into a full time job. 

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