Internship Fair 2023

Join our team and contribute your effort in building something fresh, out of box in field of Engineering


We are looking for Undergraduate and Graduate Students who are in their 1st and 2nd Year (Engineering & Management),

If you are looking to progress in your career in a practical way, join our team.

Internship Duration: 2 Months

Stipend: Performance Based for first 2 months

If any student shows brilliance in 2 months, he/she might be offered next 6 months of paid internship.

We always provide high flexibility in case of Exams or Sickness. So don't give a second thought and apply.

Incentives you will get

Exclusive Career Growth Programme

Paid Internship Opportunities

Exclusive Access to YE Resources

One-on-One Mentoring

Exclusive YE Goodies

Employment Support

Work References for Employment

Global Community Outreach

Recruitment Procedure

Step 1: Fill the form given below with accurate details as asked.

Step 2: The shortlisted candidates will get an invite for a video interview

Step 3: Finalized candidates will be informed via mail for Orientation Session.

Step 4: Orientation Session and Onboarding

Current Internship Opportunities

Interested in actively participating in Content Development, Marketing, Sales, HR and Business Development? Join YourEngineer Internship.

Job Description: Increasing Brand Visibility, Boost User Engagement, Enhance Reach & Distribution, Increase Sales and Revenue, Managing Internal Team, Brand Deals and Promotions, Event Management, Partnerships & Collaborations, Recruiter Management, Community Management, Content Development & CEO’s Office

Benefits: Industry Exposure, Internship & Job Referrals, Free Skill Development, Improved Communication Skill

You can choose any one domain in which you want to do internship. (Only one domain allowed, choose carefully)

Digital Marketing: Assist in developing and executing digital marketing strategies to drive online visibility and engagement.

Instagram Marketing: Manage and grow our Instagram presence by creating captivating content and engaging with our audience.

Twitter Marketing: Curate and share compelling content on Twitter to expand our reach and foster meaningful conversations.

LinkedIn Marketing: Utilize LinkedIn to enhance our brand presence, connect with industry professionals, and promote our offerings.

Email Marketing: Help create and implement email campaigns to engage our audience and drive user interaction.

PR and Brand Management: Support our PR efforts to enhance brand awareness and reputation through effective communication strategies.

Personal Brand Management: Assist in managing and growing the personal brands of our team members.

Employee Management (HR): Support HR activities and initiatives, ensuring a positive employee experience and smooth operations.

Business Development – Sales: Contribute to sales efforts by identifying and pursuing potential leads and clients.

Business Development – Partnerships: Identify and establish strategic partnerships to expand our network and create mutual value.

Business Development – Corporate Relations: Cultivate relationships with Employers & Recruiters to enhance Job postings

Business Development – Customer Support: Provide exceptional customer support and assist in maintaining strong client relationships.

Event Management: Help plan, coordinate, and execute engaging events that align with our brand and community objectives.

Content Writer: Create compelling and informative content across various platforms to engage and educate our audience.

Copywriter: Craft persuasive and impactful copy that resonates with our target audience and supports our marketing initiatives.

Community Manager: Foster an engaged and supportive community by facilitating discussions, managing interactions, and driving member participation.

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Our Interns:

What is YourEngineer?

YourEngineer is the first Engineering Community Worldwide that focuses on spreading Awareness, providing Collaboration and building a Career Approach for Engineering Students.

Why YourEngineer?

We are building a dynamic workplace where all the ideas can be converted into actions. 

We love experimenting and being employee centric and give them space to create something new, implement and learn.

Our Vision and Mission

We want to build the largest Engineering Community and simplify the journey of Engineers by providing them a platform for Education, Collaboration and Career Building. 

We are building an ecosystem for Learners, Creators, Skill Experts, Mentors and Recruiters to play their role in increasing the effectiveness of this platform.