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Front End Development with React JS

Developed by Facebook, React JS is one of the top frontend skill in the world right now. It has more than 200K stars on Github. Lets cover this skill here

react js

What is React Js

Why React JS is required?

High Performance and Optimization

React is very lightweight and easy to use, it gives high performance UI application, as data passed around is immutable. In application created on React, user has liberty to see what they want to see.

Virtual DOM

DOM is originally the tree representation of the various elememnts in an HTML page. In normal scenario, whenever DOM element changes, the browser recollect the position of that element and repaints them again, which is a costly process. React simplifies it by creating Virtual DOM.

RoadMap for Frontend Development

Become Professional React JS Developer

React Masters

Join the community of React JS enthusiast and get updates, solve problems altogether.

Download the EBook covering all the commands and notes regarding React Js

Test your Knowledge

Test your knowledge of React Js by solving the below free skill quizes. Get certified on reaching Advanced level.

Topics in React JS

  • Create an Account and Earn 1000 Coins
  • Pass a Quiz and Earn 20 Coins
  • Earn 10 Coins for Daily Visit¬†
  • Earn 5 Coins for Favorite any activity post
  • Earn 10 Coins if you get a Favorite on your activity post
  • Earn 50 Coins for invite someone to join a group
  • Earn 100 Coins for finishing a course


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