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JavaScript allows you to program and build complex features which convert a static page into a dynamic functional page.

Start your journey of Development and join the millions of developers. You don’t need any prior coding knowledge for mastering this skill.

Why JavaScript

You can use JavaScript to create visual effects and make a web page appealing so that it becomes more functional and have a compelling effect. It is used to attract users’ attention and make them stay long on a webpage.

JavaScript is so versatile that it empowers a lot of the latest technology like Data Science, AI, and Machine learning in both frontend and backend applications.

It is simple, easy, and fun to learn JavaScript and you can start building projects from the first day. With YourEngineer, it is super easy and fun to master this skill.


Learn JavaScript for Application Development

You can use JavaScript in both the front and backend parts of Application Development. Let’s see how it’s done.

(a) You can implement frameworks such as React, Angular, Vue, and Next for the front-end build.

(b) Also you can use Node and Express frameworks for backend build.

(c) Javascript is prominently used in Blockchain Development with the use of its frameworks like Web3.js and Ether.js

Start Learning Web Essentials with JavaScript

Ready to start your Web Development Journey? In this course you will learn all the elements of JavaScript to create a dynamic functional webpage.

Section A: Introduction To JavaScript

Start your learning with basic structure of javascript introduction, variable and datatype, operators, conditional statement and iterational statement

Section B: Functions and OOPs in JavaScript

Learn about function declaration, arrow function, variable scope and built in  functions. Also cover the concepts of OOPs, Array, String, Date and Class Object with Regex in JavaScript.

Section C: Advanced JavaScript

Advance your Skill with Error Handling and Asynchronous JavaScript concepts.


Test your JavaScript Skills with YourEngineer Checkpoint

Determine your JavaScript Strength and weaknesses with an assessment. You can be at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level where you will be benchmarking yourself with your peers and improving consistently.

At YourEngineer Checkpoint, after an assessment you get a personalized recommendation on how to improve

JavaScript Guidebook and CheatSheets

Get a comprehensive knowledge of JavaScript with our Guidebook and CheatSheets which will provide you a clear vision for upskilling.

JavaScript Essentials Guidebook

In this guidebook you will get a wholesome idea of JavaScript in a structured way and the way of learning it.

JavaScriptCareer Path Guidebook

In this guidebook you will understand the career path that gets opened if you upskill with HTML.

HTML: Syntax and Commands

Get a list of syntax and commands of HTML in a documented way and consider it as a manual when in doubt.

HTML: Advanced Logic and Framework

Apply JavaScript codes and build something necessary in real world by getting access to Advanced Logic Cheatsheet.

Learn JavaScript with Practical Approach

YourEngineer provides Hands on Training of JavaScript with various Practice Projects, Portfolio Projects and engaging tutorials.

If you are really want to learn JavaScript, we can make it fun and gamified with challenges, competitions and real world projects.

All you need to upskill is an Internet Connection, willingness and a hunger for learning something new.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

There is no pre-requisites for learning JavaScript, just basic knowledge of coding with HTML and CSS will be helpful.

If you are interested in Learning JavaSript then start with the basics and slowly cover advanced topics with practical learning. Follow Hands-on training and build projects which will provide you a practical approach of learning.

Although it depends on a student’s capability and dedication but if you are serious about learning you can complete the whole JavaScript Curriculum in 3 hours with a supplementary hands-on training of  2 hours.

JavaScript is the most used programming language for the client-side and companies like Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, Amazon, etc. have their websites coded in JavaScript. It is also being used beyond web and app development and supports new-age technologies like cloud-based computing, big data, and IoT.  Now is the right time to learn JavaScript — especially if you are an aspiring developer because it is versatile and highly demanded.

MERN Full Stack Developer is a hot job in this era as every small scale to large scale companies are increasing their presence and services online. This skill will definitely land you your dream job if you work hard and showcase your portfolio with a lot of projects. We are providing you the Lifetime Access to the Employment opportunities and Interview Sessions with our Corporate Relations. We guarntee paid internship to those who will finish all the projects

*Your Engineer does not guarantee any job directly from this program. It is up to the performance of candidate in Interview Sessions.

Yes, Right Now, there is a Monsoon Discount of 90% is going on. 

You can always write us to [email protected] or you can Share your thoughts on WhatsApp :- +91 – 9350399053

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