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Generative AI for Everyone: Unlock your career in AI

Join our Generative AI training program today, where you can learnand explore the possibilities of AI with Handson training.

Why should you undertake this Program?

Industry Statistics For Full Stack Developer

1 Million

Over 1 Million Generative AI Developer profiles have been created in year 2023

70% Coverage

By December 2023, more than 70% of industries in the world are using generative AI in some ways.

₹6.5L - ₹17L

The average salary of a freshly hired Generative AI Developer in India is ₹11L p.a. extending maximum up to 30L p.a.

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Gene AI application

Program Designed by Keeping you in mind

Want Practical Approach?

Work with LIVE assessments, capstone and Hands-on project that are Industry based.

Clashing with work?

Learn at your own pace with recorded lectures and mentorship to resolve issues.

Confused about Interview?

Prepare for Technical as well as HR Interview with regular Employability Classes.

Having Doubts?

Discuss doubts anytime with our mentors in a exclusive WhatsApp Group

Our Curriculum

  • Introduction to Gen AI
  • Large Language models
  • Use cases of LLMs
  • Introduction to Transformers
  • How to work on Google Collab
  • Demo 1: Write first code of Gen AI – Text Generation
  • Parameters in Generative configuration
  • Demo 2: Generating Text with various Parameters
  • Exercise1
  • Exercise 2
  • Practice Quiz
  • Lifecycle of Generative AI project.
  • OpenAI model
  • Demo 3:  Build a Text Generator App using Open AI
  • ChatGPT and Dall-E
  • Introduction to Huggingface
  • Open Source LLMs
  • Demo 4: Build a Caption Generator using open source LLM
  • Exercise 3
  • Exercise 4
  • Practice Quiz
  • Introduction to Prompt Engineering
  • Creating right prompt on ChatGPT 
  • Demo 5: Prompting with open source LLM- Llama
  • Mother Prompt
  • Demo 6: Getting response with mother prompt
  • Context Learning- Zero shot and Few Shot
  • Exercise 5
  • Exercise 6
  • Practice Quiz
  • Limitations of LLM Models
  • Introduction to RAG
  • RAG Architecture and Components
  • Important Retrieval Tools
  • Extracting Data from various sources
  • Demo 7: Spliting the text in PDF using Python
  • Vector Embeddings from words and sentences
  • How to store Embeddings in Vector DB
  • Demo 8: Open AI embeddings
  • Demo 9: Simillarity search over the documents
  • Exercise 1 
  • Exercise 2
  • Exercise 3
  • Practice Quiz
  • How to build LLM based Applications
  • Langchain and LLM powered Apps
  • Demo 10: Installation and working with Langchain
  • Langchain: Agents, Tools and Loaders
  • Demo 11: Working with Wikipedia Agents in Langchain
  • Exercise 1
  • Exercise 2
  • Practice Quiz

Project You Will be Working on

Projects are an essential part of upskilling as it proves the expertise of a person in that skill. In this program we will help you create two projects in two different streams to provide you a wide scope for placements.


Socratico is an application act as a tutor to the students


It is an application that parses the email of user and schedule its calender according to urgency of mail.

Program structure

Learn from Professional

Learn at your pace from highly curated resources created by Industry Professionals.

Weekly Session

Join Weekly sessions to clear doubts and learn something extra and important topics

Interview Preparation

Join Employment LIVE Sessions to understand the Technical and Personal Interview Strategies.

What more you are getting? Always be excited for Bonuses

100% Placement Assistance

We will first improve your resume followed by your LinkedIn profile and then prepare you for every trick that will be there in your interview. We assure you the Job of at least 6 LPA* (can vary from Fresher to Experienced).

Interview Questions

We will help you tackle Top Questions and Answers on JavaScript based Full Stack Development and related topics to crack Technical Interviews. Also access to LIVE Sessions for Interviews preparation.

Weekly Doubt Sessions

We host weekly doubt sessions to clear your concepts and help you debug your codes so that you understand the process better an can create a better Full Stack Application.

Community Outreach

We share your profile to our Global network of Recruiters and they provide Paid Internships, Freelancing and Direct Placement as per yur qualification.


Sanjeet Tripathi,

Ex-Infosys, Software Developer, Trainer and Mentor

Visit LinkedIn Profile

About Mentor

Sanjeet is a Full Stack Software Developer, Mentor, and Educator. He worked for the Infosys ETA department for more than three years.

Within this duration, he trained more than 3000 new joiners in MERN and MEAN Stack. He is an expert in JavaScript frameworks like React JS, Angular, and Node JS. 

Fee structure

₹ 3000 /- ₹10000

We take payment only in a SPLIT WAY of
₹5000 + ₹5000 + ₹5000

Why Split Way Payment

  1. We believe Money should not be in the way of Learning and Upskilling. Anyone can start this program with ₹5000 only.
  2. You can stop the payment if you finish the program before the end of three months (Isn’t this exciting?)

Frequently Asked Questions:

This whole program is specially designed for Students and professionals who want to start or switch their career in Web Development.

This program is designed and created by technology specialists, Front End Developer and Full Stack Developer from top companies like Infosys, Amazon, IBM etc.

We have designed the program in such a way that it will give you the knowledge from basics, and we have created the whole curriculum with Industry demand in mind.

The program will follow the structure of top tech companies training program and trainers will make sure that you will get all the time to practice.

This training is designed to learn the Full Stack at self-pace  and if you will give 14-15 hours per week ,  with 2 hours daily practice you will get proficient in this stack in 3 Months.

Definitely, you will get “Certificate of  Training” after successfully finishing the curriculum. The exceptional interns who will complete an assigned project on time will get “Certificate of Training with Excellence” which will increase your credibility for the employment.

Full Stack Developer is a hot job in this era as every small scale to large scale companies are increasing their presence and services online. This skill will definitely land you your dream job if you work hard and showcase your portfolio with a lot of projects. We are providing you the Lifetime Access to the Employment opportunities and Interview Sessions with our Corporate Relations.

We will help you to get the job of at least 6 LPA, we will connect you with different recruiters and companies, we will help you for interviews.

We are making sure that money will not become a hindrance in your upskilling which is why we provide the split payment. The course price is INR 15000/- which is already 50% off,  but you can start by just giving INR 5000/- and stop paying if you finish the program in less time.

We are not taking any charges for Basic level.

You can always write us to or you can Share your thoughts on WhatsApp :- +91 – 9350399053