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What will be in this level?


Data is a core segment of any application. Learn the concept of MongoDB in this section, from insertion to updation, and deletion as well as Aggregation of Data in the Database

API with Express JS

Backend is an essential part of any website development. This section will teach about Restful APIs, Database connection, and user Authentication with Express JS

UI with React JS

This section will teach everything that is needed to know about React JS. It includes Component, React Hooks, Context API, and everything that will make you React Expert.

Advanced React

Now you are an Expert in React, so we can enter in React world to understand Routing, Material UI, HTTP calls to the backend and many more.

Version Control

You can create a Full Stack application, now it’s time to deploy it. In this section, you will learn about Git and GitHub. How to do push/pull operations in Github.

One step ahead in Dev

Companies are looking for someone who is out of the box (one step ahead). In this section, you will learn Typescript, Introduction to Angular and other tools.

Fee structure For Pro Level

₹ 15000 /- ₹30000

We take payment only in a SPLIT WAY of
₹5000 + ₹5000 + ₹5000

Why Split Way Payment

  1. We believe Money should not be in the way of Learning and Upskilling. Anyone can start this program with ₹ 5000 only.
  2. You can stop the payment if you finish the program before the end of three months.

What our Learners Say

If you already know everything about Full stack Development, start preparing for Interview Preparation.

Why do we Charge

Our Enrollment Fees

Before we start, just to know we only charge for the Pro Level course. In that course, we provide Lectures created by the top industry people, who took their time and effort to make it. We are providing Basic Section for free to start with if you have no understanding of development.

Our Fee is INR 9000/- only which has been already split into three parts.

Reason behind the Fees

a.  Effort in Making – The whole program is joined effort of the team, which will keep working for you until you become a professional developer.

b. Free courses are not valued –  The reason we are charging very minimal for 50+ Lecture hours and live sessions that will make you a developer is that the moment we will make it free, it loses its value and people will not be motivated enough to complete the course.

c. To make you earn your success – Frankly, this program is for dedicated people who want to make their career in development. This program will make constant checks on you and your progress in developing projects. 

Making sure money doesn't come in way

We are making sure that money will not become a hindrance in your upskilling which is why we provide the split payment. The course price is INR 9000/-  but you can start by just giving INR 3000/- and stop paying if you finish the program in less time.

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