Structural Design: Software for Civil Engineers

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Udit Goenka

CEO, PitchGround &

Hosted by:

Sandeep Tripathi

Co-Founder, YourEngineer

About Udit Goenka:

Udit Goenka, currently CEO of PitchGround, a SaaS marketplace with mission of providing affordable and easily accessible softwares and an industry leader with 16 years of experience in building Softwares. He is also the founder of FirstSales (A Powerful Email Outreaching Tool) and currently appointed as Marketing & Sales Mentor for SaaS Startups at Brinc.

Key Features:


After this event, you will be able to understand the concept of structural design, skills required, software and its variations.

You will understand the key points required to build your career in design as a civil engineer.

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