Javascript Bootcamp

Join us for Free to start with the most popular and used programming language in the world. Start you developer journey by learning Javascript

10th Feb 2023 - 17th Feb 2023

(Only 80 Seats) Hurry up. Filling Fast.


Who should join?


What's in it for you?

LIVE Session

Engaging and Valuable 1 Hour Mentoring Session followed by Q&A and Assignment

Interview Question

Get the set of 30 asked Interview questions in technical rounds of companies

Javascript Concepts

It will cover everything about Javascript from Basics to Advanced.

How does Workshop work

Day1 : LIVE Session on Javascript, its basic concepts and Industry Scope

(a) Start with the basics of Javascript
(b) Arrow Functions in Javascript
(c) Significance of Various In-Built Functions in Javascript
(d) Object Orient Programming in Javascript
(e) Callback Function, its significance in Asynchronous Javascript
(f) Async Await and Promise.
(g) Difference between Javascript and Typescript.

Part 2: Interview Prep

(a) Few selected people will go through the mock interview.
(b) Everyone will get top interview question in Javascript.
(c)You will get to know What Industry is looking for in Javascript Developers.

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(Only 80 Seats) Hurry up. Filling Fast.

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