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The internet of things describes physical objects connected to the internet via embedded technology. These objects can be smart phones, cars, thermostats, refrigerators, and so forth. They can communicate with each other and with the outside world through the internet.

Start your journey of building career in IoT (Internet of Things) and join the millions of IoT developers.

What is IoT Sector?

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the network of physical objects that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the internet. It helps monitor machine utilization and predict machine breakdowns.

Learning IoT (Internet of Things) is easy and fun to learn and you can start building projects from the first day. With YourEngineer, it is super easy and fun to make small IoT devices and pursue a career in them.

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Job Roles in IoT Sector

There are various roles in IoT which you can pursue:

(a) IoT Application Developer

(b) IoT Engineer

(c) IoT Automation Test Engineer

(d) Solution Architect- IoT Analyst

Start your Career in IoT

Ready to Start your Journey in IoT? At YourEngineer you will get all the step by step information including skills, expert guidance, workflows, cheatsheets, recruiter connect and global exposure. Let us look into various job roles in IoT.

IoT Application Developer

Are you interested in developing and maintaining software applications that run on Internet of Things (IoT) devices?

IoT Engineer

Are you interested in working to create systems that enable devices to function as part of an IoT network?

IoT Automation Test Engineer

Are you interested in designing, developing, and executing automated test cases for IoT products and systems?

Solution Architect- IoT Analyst

Are you interested in designing and implementing solutions that involve IoT technologies?

Skills Required for Career in IoT

IoT skills are about gaining knowledge and understanding of concepts of the automated world.

For Example, If you want to ON & OFF your room’s switches from your phone, you must understand the interesting concepts of Arduino and how it is going to be used.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

An IoT Platform developer is a professional who can develop, manage and monitor IoT devices and systems by merging three essential elements – data, technology, and research. Having strong programming skills, such as Java and C++, is a must for the daily activities of IoT Developers.

There are no set rules for getting into this field. It’s possible to get an undergraduate degree in IoT from a few colleges, or you can specialize in computer science with IoT as a major. However, if you’re an engineer specializing in IT, computer science, electronics, and electrical, you’re better off.

IoT devices are built with software that contains instructions for them and is coded using programming languages. They might seem like devices, but they’re essentially computers, and every computer needs to be instructed, and programming language is the way to do it.

Generally, IoT is most abundant in manufacturing, transportation and utility organizations, making use of sensors and other IoT devices; however, it has also found use cases for organizations within the agriculture, infrastructure and home automation industries, leading some organizations toward digital transformation.

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