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P-N Junction Diode

In this topic, we learn about Qualitative Theory of P-N Junction, P-N Junction as a Diode, Diode Equation, Volt-Ampere Characteristics Temperature Dependence of V-I Characteristic, Zener Diode Characteristics etc

Special Purpose Electronic Devices

In this topic, we learn about Principal of Operation and Characteristics of Tunnel Diodes with the Help of Energy Band Diagrams, Varactor Diode, SCR and Photodiode

Rectifiers, Filters

In this topic, we learn about P-N Junction as a Rectifier, Half Wave Rectifier, Full-Wave Rectifier, Bridge Rectifier, Harmonic Components in a Rectifier Circuit, Inductor Filter, Capacitor Filter, L- Section Filter etc

Bipolar Junction Transistor

In this topic, we learn about The Junction Transistor, Transistor Current Components, Transistor as an Amplifier, Transistor Construction, Common Emitter, BJT Hybrid Model, h-Parameter Representation of a Transistor etc

Transistor Biasing and Stabilisation

In this topic, we learn about Operating Points, D.C and A.C Load Lines, Need for Biasing, Criteria for Fixing, Operating Point, B.J.T Biasing, Fixed Bias, Collector to Base Bias, Stabilization Factors, Condition for Thermal Stability etc

Field Effect Transistor and FET Amplifier

In this topic, we learn about JFET, Pinch-off a Voltage-Small Signal Model of JFET, FET as Voltage Variable Resistor, Comparison of BJT and FET, MOSFET, Common Drain Amplifier, Generalised FET Amplifier, FET Biasing etc

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