Why should anyone hire you when people are getting fired everyday?

Generally, everyone thinks they have everything to get a job but have you seen how big companies are firing people in bulk…  If they are firing the right people with the right skill set, why hire you?

Do you know what employers think about you when they try to hire you? Why should they consider you in this Job Recession? They are still hiring talented, skilled, and relevant people only. Do you want to go to the interview, be fully prepared, and come back with a Job Offer? 

Employability Score gives you a real-time analysis of yourself. Are you ready to check your score?

I have Skills and Certifications. Can I get the job?


A good engineer should have both technical and soft skills, but that does not guarantee you the job. Why?

Because everyone have skills and any person can do some online/offline course and get a certificate to prove their skillset. What really matters is whether you have complete knowledge of skillset or not? Employers and Interviewers are not Fools. Don’t try to make them.

A good student not only learn the skills but also discover the career roadmap, sector of employment, psychology of employer, type of work and most importantly how you can benefit the company and get your benefit too.

Check your Employability Score and find out how you can use your skillset and its explanation to impress the interview panel.

I have done the internships. Can I get the job?


Internship increases your chance to get a job but does not guarantee it unless you can justify your learning and experience from that internship. Keep 2-3 lines ready to say about every internship and justify it in interview. 

Some people do internships just for certifications but don’t learn anything and even if they learn, they can’t describe it when asked. Employers and Interviewers are not Fools. Don’t try to make them.

Check your Employability Score  and find out how you can make your internships relevant?

Here is a sample of what you will be generally asked to get score...

Your Academic Performance, your skill set and confidence in skills, your internship experience, and much more will reveal your employability.

Why you should check your Employability Score?

If you don’t check your score, what will you miss?

Firstly, you will not be able to discover your weakness, take that weakness to the interview and become sad after you don’t see your name in selected candidates.

Secondly, a chance to get one to one guidance from our experts and the amount of resources at a discounted rate to improve yourself. No we will not sell you any course, we will have mastery sessions and invite you to that to increase your understanding of career roadmap and sectors of employment.